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Organizers and Volunteers

Many thanks to all of the committee members and volunteers who worked through hurricane Wilma and the Holidays to make this event a success!

D.J. Dave Levy
Kim Chesher
Chris Sante 
Patty Schmidt
  Mike Forster
  Michael Reckwerdt
William Zane
Rob Silk
Jim & Sheri Trice
Frank Rego
Judy Hull
Deb Gillis
John Sutter
Bo Diddley
Clarence Clemons
Charlie Tona
Joey Covington
Alfonso Carey
Mike Smith
E Jaye Brown
Tiffany Reddish
Billy Davidson & Steve Webb
Dave Feder
Rick West
Jimmy Lozar
Eileen McGuire
Bill Kelly
Debby & Pasta Pantaleo
Carmen Kelly
Marcia & Chip DeClue
Kim Collnis
Vicki Walker 
Whitney Lavene
Don Noe 
Jill Hayes 
Mari Magursky
Kathy Walker
Scott Simmons
Billy Bob
Wendy Gentes
Bob & Belinda Serata

All Photos On This Page Courtesy of 
Belinda Serata Photography

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